Friday, February 25, 2011

Weigh Day!!

I'm up 1 lb, back to 223. It looks like I need to pay attention to my food a little more closely. I'm really excited because I put a shirt on this morning that I wore 2 weeks ago and it fits much better. It's loose where it wasn't before. Yeah!! That means the inches are coming off. Maybe I'll see it on the scale next week. I'll really focus on my food this week and keep the workouts going. I have a feeling this is my plateau. I haven't hit one like this before. My body's saying it likes it here and I'm saying no way!

Focusing on my worth this week has really helped. There have been moments where I wanted to indulge. In that moment I stop my thought process and tell myself that I'm worth more than that. It's helped! I'll continue to do that this week. I WILL see the scale change soon.

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