Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Very Cold Run

Lexi, Kelli & I just before we started the run.
Today was COLD, but we were out there anyway. There was a break in the snow and rain so we took advantage. We ran two miles today and that was just fine with me. Next week we start increasing our miles.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tough Day

The. . .  CAKE!!
Today was a tough one. I did not want to behave myself. It was a very busy day, nothing unusual there, but for some reason I wanted to eat it away . Then I had to help my daughter make a plant cell out of cake and frosting. Really?!?! Today, of all days, I had Butter Cream Frosting all around me. I was good though and only snuck a few little tastes. I opted for one of my Chocolate Bars from Trader Joe's to get me through. Now I just need to go to bed so it can be tomorrow already.

Monday, March 4, 2013


Hahaha. . . that's me. Will run for Pizza!!!
I am so excited to be training for a half marathon again! I am not entirely sure why though. By nature I am not a person that loves running. However, I do recognize all the benefits and always feel so good after a run. I'm not going to lie, it takes a lot to get me out the door and after yesterday's painful 3 mile run I decided to write down the Top 5 reasons why I am glad to be in training again.

1 – I cannot give excuses for why I cannot run today. I have to run 3 times a week because I am training for a race! ;)

2 – Running is my anti-anxiety/depression drug. Seriously, it puts me in a happier state of mind.

3 – It hurts so good. Lol! Okay, with as long as I have been running, 3 miles should not hurt this much. I guess you cannot take 4 months off and expect to be right back where you were.

4 – If friends run with me it gives me time to catch up with them. Life is so busy and it is often hard to find time for coffee, but I am running three times a week so if you run with me we’ll have at least a half an hour to chat. . . . because I am really good at running and  chatting at the same time.

5 – The fresh air does a body good. . . oh, except when it is below 40 degrees outside. Then I’m sure it is doing some sort of damage. Running outside, breathing the fresh air, because I live in Central Oregon it is fresh air, has got to be like going to an oxygen bar. It renews you.

I am only 12 weeks away from the Half Marathon. . . YIKES!