Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Celebrate The Small Things

Olive Garden's Grilled Chicken Spiedini

I had a friend call today and ask me if she could take me to dinner tonight.  Of course I said YES!!  As soon as I knew where we were going I went on line to look at the restaurant's nutrition information.  I had two different items in mind and figured I would choose at the restaurant.  When we sat down I started to look through the menu and found it too tempting so I closed it and set it aside.  I asked the waitress about the two different items I had looked at and settled on one.  It was fabulous!  I think it tasted so good because I knew I had made a good choice.  I was so glad I had done my research because it really helped my will power.  Once I was home I jumped into my circuits and then rode the stationary bicycle.  I sure hope all this hard work shows up on the scale this week. 

Thank you friend for taking me out.  It was so good to get away and talk about things other than the drama going on in my life.  You are a GREAT friend!!! 

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