Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weigh Day!

I finally did it. I broke through to 222. I have been fighting tooth and nail to stay on track. The war within is sometimes, too big. These past 4 weeks have been hell. We moved 3 weeks ago, into my sister’s home. There are now 8 people and 2 dogs in her 1800 sq ft home. I started a new job 2 weeks ago. I’m working part time at a bank now. I’m still home schooling Larissa. Along with all of this we have been fighting the unemployment office for Jason’s benefits. They have decided to deny us back to November of 2009. We have no idea what that’s going to mean as far as “overpayment” is concerned. We are now waiting to hear. With all of this going on, trying to focus on weight loss has been, to put it mildly . . . hard!

Four weeks ago I put on 7 lbs which put me at 230 lbs. The following Friday I weighed 223.5. The next Friday I didn’t weigh because I just couldn’t face it. So by the time I weighed this past Friday I had, what I like to call, scale anxiety. I wanted to be, at the most, 223.5. When it read 222 I was thrilled. I’m hoping to be in the teens next week.

I’m not going to meet my goal of having 30 lbs off by March 4th, but I’m still moving forward. I’m learning that this really is a Marathon. It’s not about how fast you finish . . . it’s about finishing! I may not meet all of my goals in the timeline I want to, but I’m still going to set goals and I’m still going to move forward. Life is full of surprises. It’s how you come through those challenges that matter.

My new goal is to weigh 209 by Spring Break.

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