Sunday, October 31, 2010

Christmas Challenge

We have exactly 8 weeks until Christmas. What would it feel like to be able to fit into your finest clothes for Christmas Eve services, the company Christmas party or any other festivities you will need to dress up for? Amazing, right?!?! Well I'm challenging you to take off 10% of your body weight by Christmas.

I currently weigh 250.5 lbs. So I will need to lose 25.05 lbs by Christmas. If you'd like to join the challenge please reply to this post. You will need to weigh today and report your weight to me via email. To report your weight, please send an email to Every Friday you will weigh and email your weight to me. I will keep a spread sheet and at the end of the challenge whoever loses the most weight will win Jillian Michael's newest workout DVD, Shred It with Weights. Please reply to my Friday blog posts to let me know how the week went. If it was hard post your struggles, if it was easy post that too.

I would recommend finding a weight loss program that will help you learn to eat for life. Find something that fits with your lifestyle and stick to it. Don't stop eating for 8 weeks or go on a cleanse for 8 weeks, do something that will really keep the weight off.

Here's to an amazing holiday season!!

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