Monday, November 1, 2010

The Support System Trinity

On, Jillian talks about having a strong support system during your weight loss journey. She suggests you find a mentor, a partner and a fan. I am blessed with a lot of people that care for me and want what's best for me, so the fan part came quickly and easily. The partner piece fell into place right away too. My husband came right along side me to help me through the circuit training work outs. He hasn't preached at me; just encouraged me and helped me find the will to keep going. In fact he has lost quite a bit of weight along the way as a side effect to helping me. The other person that has partnered up with me is my good friend Kelli. She has been there through every run. Even when she could run ahead of me she hasn't. During the 5K she stayed right by my side even though I know for a fact she could have run that thing faster. When we do our intervals she runs ahead a few feet and then comes right back to me. When I have a goal she encourages me when I start doubting myself. She agrees to run when it works for me and my schedule. When Jason can't do the circuits with me she comes over and does them. She has been an incredible support through this. Then there are my fans. Of course I couldn't do it without them. From the beginning it's been my family. There for me every week to celebrate my weight loss. Each one of these people has played such an important role in my weight loss journey. If you haven't filled these three roles in your weight loss journey yet, you need to. It's been crucial for me.

I didn't talk about my mentor because I want to give her an entire post. She has lost an incredible amount of weight and has her own story to tell. . . look for that post soon.

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ACMiller said...

I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear about your mentor! I LOVE reading your posts. You are an excellent writer and such an inspiration! Thank you for writing about your journey. I'm a huge fan of your accomplishments and am behind you all the way.