Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weight Loss Challenge

I thought it would be good for us to see this so we are reminded that even 1 lbs of fat lost is significant!

Tomorrow we start!!! Yeah!! I cannot wait to get this going. I think I am even more excited because my Bodybugg arrived tonight. Just in time! Remember, if you want to be involved all you have to do is email me your starting weight and your goal weight. (Divide your current weight by 100 and that is a good weekly weight loss goal.) Then every Wednesday email me your new weight. This is a 90 day challenge finishing on October 29th. You can do any program that works best for you or I can help you set something up. It is just more fun to do it together and the accountability is good. I am not talking about condemning negative accountability, but encouraging supportive accountability. I believe weight loss equates to a full time job because of the hard work and focus it takes. We need to support each other with encouraging words and actions. My email address is sandy@sandysjourney.com.

On another exciting note, the Bulletin is doing an article on me in the Health and Fitness section. I will let you know when they are running it. The photographer came to the Circuits in the Park today to take pictures. Do you know how hard it is to pull in at the core and stick your chin out while trying to do jumping jacks? LOL!! The reporter was AWESOME!! I think we could be friends. :) She even came and did circuits with us last Friday. What a trooper! I hope that by airing my baggage I will inspire someone to start and finish his or her own journey. :)

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