Friday, July 20, 2012


Wow, I cannot believe by adding another hour of exercise a day, I have no “extra” time. I have not ignored the blog because I have fallen off the wagon; I simply have not had the time to write. I have so much to say too. I hope to be caught up on everything I want to tell you in the next couple of days. 

On July 12th, I celebrated my 2-year anniversary. I know, I cannot believe it has already been 2 years. It has been an incredible ride and I have so much more I am looking forward too. At first, I really struggled with this anniversary. Last year, at my 1-year anniversary, I was on fire. It was full steam ahead. This past year has presented me with so many hurdles I landed at my 2-year anniversary at the same weight as my 1-year anniversary. When I look at where I had hoped to be by this point, it is disappointing. I felt very defeated. I had so many hopes and dreams for this summer and did not reach my goals.

After a few days of processing, mourning and coming to terms with where I am at, I surfaced with a new perspective. I decided to focus on the good that has come from this past year. The first 6 months were very successful. I was down to 174 lbs and feeling incredible. The second 6 months I struggled and fought to keep my footing. I lost several battles but also won several. I learned a lot and am excited about the rest of the journey; which I now realize is the rest of my life. I still have weight to lose but am so excited about where I am. I am stronger than I have ever been. Two years ago, there is no way I could have ridden a bike 40 miles. I could not lead a circuit workout because I could hardly complete one. I could not have worked out hard for 2 hours like I do now. I definitely could not have run stairs at COCC for 40 minutes. I could hardly go up the stairs in my home. I am excited about the strength I am seeing in myself. 

My modo for this year is "I workout for strength, I eat for health." I am so close to my goal weight and I will keep striving to meet that goal, but there are so many positive things for me to focus on. 

In year three, I plan to meet my goal weight/size, to begin working toward a degree in nutrition and to become a Personal Trainer. I am excited to start telling my story this year. I am excited to start speaking to groups and encouraging men and women to begin their own journey. Year 3 should be a whole lot of FUN!

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