Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weigh Day!!

I wasn't going to report this week's weigh in, but after a lot of back and forth I decided I need to. I need to stay accountable to the process I have chosen. I no longer live in condemnation and shame. So, here goes. . . This week I weighed in at 199 lbs. I know, you're mouth has dropped wide open. I can guarantee that I didn't put on that much fat. I worked out all week and made good choices most the week. However, I didn't make good choices on Thursday or Friday and I didn't drink much water last week. My body is so weird. I retain water like nobody I've ever seen. My clothes still fit so I know I'm okay.

This week's focus will be writing everything I eat down, even if it's not what I'm suppose to eat, drinking a gallon of water a day, I have a lot of water weight to lose, and to burn 1000 calories per day working out. This is quite a challenge but I'm going to do it.

FOCUS is the word of the week.

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