Monday, October 24, 2011

I’m back!! I’m back to reporting my weight loss and keeping you up on the journey. Last Saturday I weighed 186.5 lbs. The last weight I blogged I believe I was 181 lbs. I had just finished the Master’s Cleanse. It is very normal to put on anywhere between 5 & 10 lbs after the Master’s Cleanse. I was prepared for that so I’m not upset by the number I saw on Saturday.

I was looking at the graph of my weight loss this past weekend. It looks like I haven’t lost weight since July. That’s when I hit the 180’s and I’ve kept myself there over the past 3 months. That’s a good thing. I’m thrilled that I’ve been able to maintain my weight. However, I was supposed to be losing weight so apparently I need to refocus and get my head in the game. I have 36.5 lbs to lose and I need to get it off. Truthfully, I’ve become comfortable in my new body and so the drive to take off the last of the weight has dissipated. Well, not anymore. I need to stay focused. I would LOVE to have the rest of my weight off by the first weekend in March.

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