Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Anniversary To Me!!

One year ago today I decided to embark on a journey that, I was hoping, would change my life. I had no idea!! What a year it has been too. I have new hope for the future, a new lust for life and a new mental outlook. I no longer let fear run my life.

With that said, I have decided to make it known that I will be trying out for The Voice in August. Even typing that makes my stomach turn. I have had such a fear of failure in the area of music that I haven't even tried to succeed. Oh yah, I moved to Nashville, but I didn't do anything musically while I was there other than sing in the choir at church. Church has always been my safe place when it comes to my music. It's time I face my fear and jump off the cliff, so to say. On The Biggest Loser they take the group to New Zealand and have them bungee jump or sky dive or leap off of tall buildings. Facing that fear helps them realize they can do anything. So this is my tall building. I will be leaping off of it in August. Why not, right? What have I got to lose?

Here's to another AMAZING year!!

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