Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Embarassing Running Problems

Okay, can I just tell you how excited I am to be learning about all these embarrassing things that can happen to you when you're a runner? NOT!! I thought running was supposed to be good for your body! I recently started losing a toenail and when I began inquiring about it I learned that it's very normal. In fact, my friend who has children that run marathons and race on Cross Country teams said her children say, “You’re a WOOS if you have toe nails.” AHHHH! I like my toe nails. They serve me well. Then my brother, who has been running and recently ran in the Hood to Coast, told me about something he experienced call Runner's Trot. Really!?!? Just two days ago I watched a very inspiring video about an overweight young man that started running and in the video he shows how he learned about bloody nipples. All of this led me to look up side effects to running. Here is a website I found about this exact subject. It tells you all about the top 10 most embarrassing running problems. I think I need to consider my sanity now. . .


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