Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Weigh Day!!!

Before I report the weigh in results I just have to say it's very strange posting a weigh day in the middle of the week. It messed my whole day up. . . I kept thinking it was Saturday and that's not good when it is only Wednesday.

I am, however, super excited about this week's results. Drum roll please. . . . I lost 8.5 lbs!!!!! I know, right?!?! FINALLY! I worked very hard and the Bodybugg is AMAZING!! I allowed myself more food than I have in the past and I burned off what I allowed myself to eat on my "Free" day. I'm already seeing a transition in my approach to eating and the way I think about calories in vs. calories out because of this neat little tool.

I am also very excited to report that the group as a whole lost 30.6 lbs. That's 30.6 lbs of fat down the drain. Not one person put on any weight this week and I think that's fantastic. For those that were not as focused this past week I just want to encourage you to get a plan and stick with the disciplines this week. It really is about the disciplines. You have the desire, now find the determination and see this challenge through.

On to next week. . . This week's challenge is to drink a gallon of water a day. I know that seems extreme, but the majority of Americans are dehydrated and if you are working out hard everyday you need to stay hydrated. I suggest getting a 32 oz water bottle; if you drink 4 of them per day you're good to go.

Go get 'em!!!

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