Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weigh Day Update

I LOVE this one!!
Yesterday I could not tell the group's loss because I had not heard from everyone yet. I finally heard from most everyone and the group's loss this week is 14.3 lbs. After just 3 short weeks the group's total loss is 56.4 lbs. You women are AMAZING!!

I forgot to put a challenge out to everyone. So here it is. I have two challenges this week. You pick which one best fits you. First, I do not think you can be successful if you do not know how much food is going in your mouth every day. Therefore, if you are not logging your food I want you to commit to doing it every day this week. Find a free online site or write it in a notebook, whichever works best for you. If you are already logging what you eat, everyday, then I challenge you to burn what you are eating. That means if you eat 1250 calories that day, you have to burn 1250 calories from your workouts/activities. Remember, housework will burn calories so be mindful of all your activities during the day.

Have fun with this!! It does not have to feel like a job! :)

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