Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Have THE Key!

I have the key to weight loss. . . drum roll please. . . there is no key! WHAT?! I know, right?! For all the people out there saying I can't do it. It's not the right time of life. I'm too busy. I can't focus right now. I have too much stress, etc, etc. To all that I say, blah!

I believe everyone has the desire to do better, be better, have better. We all want to feel good. We all want to look good. NIKE had it right when they coined the phrase, JUST DO IT! If you wait for every circumstance in your life to be just right or for the stars to align or for whatever it is you think needs to happen before you can start taking care of yourself, then you will never do it. Every Monday will roll around and you will either begin another diet or you will hate yourself by Tuesday for not starting another diet.

I say get off the roller coaster and take control of this area of your life, no matter the circumstances. You have the DESIRE to do it. That's the first step. Now take the second step, make a plan. (See yesterday's blog.) You will find and maintain DISCIPLINE in the plan. Find some good old fashioned stubbornness, or my new favorite word Tenacity (It just sounds positive doesn't it?), and decide you are doing it this time; then see it through. This is where the DETERMINATION comes in. Determine you are doing it this time. Get mad! Get stubborn! Decide you are worth it and change your life!

You won't be sorry. I promise! So just do it!

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