Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Girls

I forgot to add this to my post last night. It's too precious not to tell. The girls have been watching me very closely these past couple of weeks. When I sent the text to my oldest telling her I didn't get through to the next level, it seemed devastating to her. I later found out Larissa was very concerned about me. Lexi told me she was sorry but didn't say much else and Kaia has been oblivious to the whole thing. The girls are staying with Jason's parents this week. Last night when I made my regular good night call Lexi got on the phone and said, "Mom, I've been thinking about this whole thing." "You have, what have you been thinking?" I asked. She asked me, "You know how they make these shows to help people? You know, to make them better?" I was a little confused by that but decided to go along with it, so I said, "Yes?" She quickly answered, "Well I think that you were already good enough and they didn't have anything to teach you so they had to pass you up and go with people who still need help." I was stunned. I told her that I love that angle and we're going to go with it. This little girl of mine stopped me in my tracks. She's the child we have to talk through so many things. We've had to work on seeing things from different perspectives. Well she turned the tables on me last night. Thank you Lexi Lou. You brought me back down to Earth.

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