Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Real Life meets Dieting

Our office celebrated a HUGE accomplishment tonight by going out to dinner.  We all agreed to go to Pastini Pastaria.  (It is one of my favorites!)  I did what I always do when faced with eating out; I looked up the menu & nutrition facts before going.  I pre-plan what I'm going to eat so that I'm not tempted by anything else.  However, Pastini Pastaria doesn't provide nutrition facts.  When I got to the restaurant I asked the waiter if they had them available, and of course, they didn't. It was really hard for me to order because everything seemed fattening.  This would have been a good night to have a nutritionist on my shoulder telling me which item sounded like the least fattening and then how to order it. I'm desperately trying to lose at least 1.5 lbs this week so I can reach my 100 lb goal by Mother's Day.  I'm so nervous that tonight messed that up.  

When I started this whole process I said I was going to learn how to operate in the real world while dieting. I wanted to learn balance. With that in mind, I believe I did the best I could. I have to give myself these allowances. It's just hard when you're staring such a huge goal in the face.

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Unknown said...

I just faced the same problem!! So hard to know how to order when you're not a nutritionist. Ugh!!