Monday, May 30, 2011

Proud Parenting Moment

Today is my little Lexi's 9th birthday. Happy Birthday Lexi Lou!

I let her pick what she wanted to eat this morning. She chose Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, which I wasn't thrilled about, but I did give her the choice. When we got home, I decided to head upstairs because I couldn't handle smelling them or looking at them. As I was headed up stairs I heard Larissa say, "I don't really like this Dad. I think Mom has ruined us. We're used to eating all this healthy stuff now." A little while later my Dad poked his head in my room and commented on all the cinnamon rolls he found in the sink. I gave him a confused look and asked what he meant? He said, "Your children didn't eat their cinnamon rolls.  They didn't like them." (Let me tell you, I have fed my children these cinnamon rolls before and they LOVED them.) I smiled and turned back around, beaming.

This evening we went to Red Robin for Lexi's birthday dinner. Larissa ordered the spaghetti. She ate about half of it and turned to Jason and asked, "Are these noodles made from white flower? This spaghetti isn't good." The girls didn't eat much of their dinner and all agreed that I've ruined them. Mwahaaaaa!!  That's all I can say.

I'm taking these two successes because we had pizza on Saturday night and I didn't hear a thing about it. So I may not win everytime, but they showed me today that they are listening and learning and that makes Mommy very happy. 

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