Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quitting Is Not An Option!

You won’t hear me admit to this very often, but I am a talker. I know, to those that know me well, shocker huh?! My husband will sometimes ask me if my jaw hurts. Ha!! Funny, honey! My poor husband gets to listen to me talk the entire time we work out. It’s like a counseling session for me. I work through things I’m dealing with at the time, while working out and talking to him. Last night, while we were doing circuits, I was telling him that I’m pretty sure I can help anyone lose weight by providing them with a general plan, but how do I help them stick to it? He said, “They have to find that within themselves.” After a few seconds of processing that comment I replied, “But, I don’t even know why I’ve stuck to this.” We discussed it for a few more minutes when Jason looked at me and said, “Honey, you had a “quitting is not an option” attitude.” Amazingly, I didn’t talk much after that. It struck me right between the eyes. That has been the difference this time! Two nights ago we didn’t start our circuits until 10:45 PM. We hadn’t been able to fit them in at any other time and I had to do them to stay on track. After we completed the first circuit I looked at Jason and said, “Let’s just stop. I’m too tired for this tonight.” He said, “Yes, let’s stop. I’m exhausted too.” As he stood up, something inside me rose up and I looked up at him and said, “I can’t. If I stop I’ll hate myself tomorrow. You can just coach me if you want, but I’m not stopping, I can't.” Jason took a deep breath, dropped his shoulders and said, “If I don’t do it I’ll look like a woos.” Of course I had to tease him about his ego, but we finished the workout. (I won’t lie we whined and complained the entire time.) It hasn’t mattered how tired I am, how sore I am, how unmotivated I am, I work out. This, by no means, is meant to tell you how great I am. I’ve had good days and bad days. I’ve had good weekends and bad weekends. I’ve wanted to quit, many times. I’ve definitely had setbacks, but the difference this time is I stand back up and say it doesn’t matter. . .

Quitting is not an option!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome insight Sandy, I have seen such amazing growth in you through this difficult challenge and am so proud of you. I know you'll finish this race successfully!

Jen said...

I love you for this! :)