Friday, November 12, 2010

Weigh Day

I'm really struggling with posting this weigh in this week.  I was so excited to go weigh this week.  I feel 5 lbs smaller.  The pants I always weigh in would hardly stay on my body this morning.  I fully expected to see at least a 3 lb loss, but I'm sad to say that I only lost .5 lbs this week.  I'm going to have to re-assess to see what I did.  The other thing is last weekend was the first weekend in 4 weekends that I actually did very well.  Hmmmm. . . .  I'm stumped; onto next week.


Dianna said...

Oh man! this happened to me numerous times during my weight loss Journey and I would get soooooooooooooo frustrated!! But it was so interesting because within a week and a half later --"wham!" there was a significant weight loss if I would just stay the course and not sabotage out of frustration! Hang in there and by the way . 5 is still a win and I am super proud of you!

Joy said...

Sometimes the inches are more important that the number on the scale. I lost 15 inches before my wedding and a whopping 8 pounds. Keep going! You're doing great!